St Laurence's Wyck Rissington is an outstanding Cotswold church with one of the finest examples of an Early English Chancel.

It is the heart of the village, welcoming the many thousands of visitors as they pass along the Oxfordshire Way.

But old buildings deteriorate and major repairs are expensive.

St Laurence's now needs one side of its roof replacing. Damp is already creeping in and localised patching is just not practicable.

Visitors will have noticed that its bells have been silenced because they are unsafe.

Repairing these two items alone is likely to cost over £120,000.

The Friends of St Laurence has been set up as a charity with the aim of raising funds to keep this magnificent church in good repair.

We are an independent trust caring deeply about the future of this fine building which has stood since Norman times.

We are working alongside the Parochial Church Council and, in establishing a fund, our sights are set on two objectives:

  • raising enough money for the immediate repairs
  • guaranteeing that, whatever happens, St Laurence's Church will be preserved for future generations

This website explains why it is important to us all to maintain such an important part of our heritage and how you can help.

James Ross,
Chairman of Trustees